Writing your “reason for application”


Deriving your conclusion using 5xWhy

If you have difficulties writing your “reason for application” try using the 5xWhy system. By asking yourself why 5 times in regard to the issue you will derive a conclusion.

Let’s try it

Q. Why did you decide to study in Japan?

  • Why?(1.)→Because I like Japan.
  • Why?(2.)→Japanese are diligent. That’s why I want to become friends with them.
  • Why?(3.)→Because I want to work just as hard as Japanese do.
  • Why?(4.)→Because through working hard I want to use the acquired skills for my home country.
  • Why?(5.)→Because in future I want to contribute to the development of my home country.

A. Because I want to contribute to the development of my home country.

Let’s try to answer in this way!

Q. Why do you want to work at our company?
1. why?
2. why?
3. why?
4. why?
5. why?

By asking yourself why over and over again you will derive a conclusion. Try to ask yourself at least 5 times why for any kind of questions. It is also a good tool for practicing job interviews.
And of course, when writing your “reason for application” or the further our NSA staff will gladly assist you. Please contact us HERE for any kind of questions you might have.