What’s it about the indispensable “industry research”?


Are you having a hard time deciding which company you should apply to?
If so, try to decide by the type of industry first and it will be a lot easier to choose a company afterwards!

To begin with, what’s an industry research?

Type of industry doesn’t mean anything else but the different categories of work.
Food / Railway / Film / Automobile / Megabank / Television / Local authority / Music / Insurance / Videogames / Textiles / Pharmacy / Real estate / Robotics / Electricity / Security / Toys / Restaurant / Consumables / Securities / Convenience store / Newspaper / Consumer electronics / Nursing / Transport / Apparel…
etc etc! There are even more categories than this.

So many different types of industries that some of you surely may be confused.

My recommendation: doing an “industry research”!
The method is as followed:

  1. Search information about different kinds of work
  2. Pick up the kind of work that you are interested in
  3. Search for information about the work that interests you

By doing an “industry research” you will…

  • … get to know the trend for your work of interest
  • … have more options of work and the chances of overseeing something will be lower

If you already have an industry you like, try to gather information about industries that are in connection to it. Work is something that is not only done by a single individual. You will be able to broaden your horizon and see the industry you like through different eyes.

And when I’m done with the industry research…?

By the way, as soon as you have decided on an industry you will be in need to study the different sorts of occupations.
There are numerous occupational categories…
Operations / Office work / Project / Service / Sales / Marketing / Advertising / Accounting / Financial affairs / Finance / General affairs / Human Resources / Business management / Purchasing / Judicial affairs / Training / Personnel / Translation / Consulting / Engineering / Research and Development / Production / Quality control / Economist…

If you feel unsure or don’t know how to go about it, feel free to contact our NSA staff anytime. They will be very glad to assist you with your industry research as well. Also, we frequently hold seminars completely free of charge to support you and others with just these troubles.

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