What Should I Ask the Company? How Straightforward Can I Be?


You can learn a lot about the company by attending their information session. However, some of you may wonder what kind of questions are appropriate, and how straightforward your questions can be.
This article will explain how to ask questions in this scenario.

“How” You Ask is Important

First, regardless of the content, “how” you ask is important. This is because how you ask will affect the way the other person perceives your question. It will even change their answer. Keep in mind that the Q&A session itself can be used as an opportunity to appeal yourself to the company.

Make Your Question Easy to Answer

Be careful to ask questions that are easy to answer. For example, if you wish to know how many hours employees work overtime, you should ask,

“Are you enjoying your private life? I know it differs among each individual, but can you please tell me how your average day is like?”

Asking this way is better than simply asking if they work overtime since first of all, each employee has a different schedule. In addition, you may leave the impression that you are lazy and do not want to give your best at work.

Therefore, by shifting the focus from the company as a whole to the individual employee, the speaker will be able to answer the question with ease. You can even address them by their last name, specifying that you want to know how that employee works in particular.

Questions About Women and Career

If you are a woman, you may be curious about paid parental leave and how you will take care of your child while working. Many students are not sure if they are permitted to ask such questions. Yes, you can ask, but questions regarding paid leave need to be worded carefully. For example, instead of simply asking “Can I get paid leave?”, your question should leave the impression that you wish to work at the company for a long time. This to clarify that you will return to the company after you get your paid leave. This also applies for men.

An appropriate way to ask would be,

“I would like to have my own family in the future. Since I wish to continue working after I give birth, I would like to have parental leave. Therefore, I wish to know more about your company’s system regarding this matter.”

By including what your future plans are in the question, you will leave a positive impression.

How do you feel reading this? Keep in mind that the employees may already be assessing you during the information session. Be careful not to ask the first thing that comes into your mind, and anything that was already explained during the session. If there is anything you want to know, make sure you clarify why you are asking such a thing, and make it easy for the employee to answer it.

投稿者:NSA Staff