What does “Punctuality” mean?


Being punctual is important in business. Everyone knows that being late will leave a bad impression. However, did are you aware that you must do more than not being late?。

This article will introduce what “punctuality” really indicates.

Punctuality during job hunting

Being late is out of the question

In Japan, it is unacceptable to not be on time. In other countries, being late may be tolerated to a certain extent whereas, in Japan, being late, even a single minute, will leave a bad impression. Some companies may even ask you to go back home. You can avoid trouble by arriving at the office before the designated time. If you are running late, always contact the company to tell them your situation and that you will be late.

Avoid arriving too early!

Although we discussed how being late is unacceptable, arriving too early can cause trouble for the company. For example, if you arrive 30 or an hour early, the company may still be preparing. In the afternoon, employees might be having lunch, if not in the middle of a meeting. What punctuality means is to arrive on the right time; not too early, not too late. The right time would be around 5 to 10 minutes before the designated time. However, keep in mind that accidents and unexpected incidents occur when using public transportation. Arriving just before the designated time will increase the chances of being late. Therefore, it may be smart to arrive 30 minutes in advance and find a café close by.


Some of you may find it confusing that you can’t be too early or too late. Or you may think that it is a waste of time to arrive 30 minutes in advance. However, remember that once you start working, tardiness will not be tolerated. You still may be a student, but you are dealing with professionals with little time to spare. Think in their shoes and be careful not to cause them any inconvenience. I hope you now understand the true meaning of punctuality.

投稿者:NSA Staff