Tips for people coming to Tokyo for Job Hunting



Hello everyone! This time I am going to write about some helpful things for people that are not living in the Kanto area but are coming to Tokyo for job hunting.

【Job hunting in Tokyo…mhmm, what should I do?】

Public transportation choices when going to Tokyo

Recently there are people hiking to Tokyo…amazing! But, I guess that during the job hunting period you barely will have time for that, haha. Not to forget that you can’t even estimate the time you are going to arrive. Therefore, I will introduce you public transportation possibilities (including recommended booking websites) bringing you safely and on time to Tokyo.

  • Airplane


    The benefits here are quite clear, it’s fast! The disadvantages: the airport is far away and it’s rather expensive. Also keep in mind that depending on the weather there might even be an interruption of the air traffic.


  • Night bus


    On the contrary to the airplane, it’s very cheap. However, the bus ride is long and very tiring.


  • Shinkansen


    In regard to costs and the degree to which the journey makes you tired the Shinkansen is something between the airplane and the night bus. Though, compared to LCC (low-cost-carrier) the Shinkansen might sometimes even be more expensive.


A little bit off-topic, but I think a credit card is a must-have item for sudden expenses that might occur during job hunting. Also, to buy an airplane or night bus ticket most websites require you to have a credit card to make a booking. Just be very careful that it won’t be stolen nor lost.

Accommodation in Tokyo

Staying at a friend’s or relative’s house is moneywise and mentally the best accommodation to think of. However, for people thinking: “I feel sorry to stay at a friend’s house for a long time and I don’t have any relatives in Tokyo..”, I would like to introduce the next few possibilities.

  • Capsule hotel

  • Benefit: it’s very cheap! There are many capsule hotels which are “men only”, with a few having “women only” floors. Disadvantages: the sleeping space is very narrow and most of them can’t be locked (except for the lockers for valuables).



  • Hotel and Ryokan

    No question! Hotels and Ryokans are very comfy. Bed and breakfast – irresistible. If there just wouldn’t be the conflict with money. If you still decide to stay at a hotel Rakuten Travel offers very good “transportation and accommodation” sets.





  • Job hunting share house

    地方のミカタ 就活シェアハウス

    Indeed, it’s very cheap but more than anything you are able to exchange information with other people doing job hunting. Most places are bookable for a fixed period. Nevertheless, some places also offer short-term stays as well.

    外部リンク:地方のミカタ 就活シェアハウス

  • Cyber cafe


    Some might know that in Japan it’s possible to sleep at cyber cafes. They are extremely cheap but unfortunately you most likely won’t be refreshed when waking up in the morning. Therefore, I would not recommend to stay at one. Still, it’s a very good way to pass time.


Free time when job hunting…but how should I spend it?

I guess it’s not always easy when coming to Tokyo for job hunting. Actually, I experienced it myself coming from Ehime to Tokyo during my 8-month job hunting period. I spent a total of 250’000\ for transportation and accommodation.
Since I want you all to do job hunting as smartly as possible I am going to upload articles frequently. Please check this page regularly for new information.