Impressive Points During Job Hunting


It is necessary to show your strengths in order to make an entry sheet and impress the HR during interviews.

Showing your strength during job hunting

Making the company see you as a potential employee is the key is to getting an offer. To do that, find out your strengths and what you are better at compared to other students by doing a self-analysis, and convey it to the interviewer.

As entry sheets are often called a ”love letter to the company”, you must show yourself in a limited number of words so that the HR would want to meet you.

Although the entry sheet is the first screening of job hunting, it will also be used throughout the whole screening process; it is important to show your strengths. How should students covey their strengths to the company?

Companies are seeking someone who can produce results

arge companies, such as trading companies, value students with athletic experience. This is because the company evaluates the discipline students acquired through the training. In other words, companies view athletes as tough, both physically and mentally. Therefore, companies will evaluate you even if you are not an athlete, if you can prove you are tough.

As an international student, what did you do to catch up with Japanese students? Think thoroughly and remember the process.

For example, your experiences of doing your best in an environment where no one understands your native tongue and culture can differentiate you from the rest of the applicants. Convey how you “were able to achieve your best” and “your tough mental and physical to overcome the difficulty”.

The one point that the HR will be looking for

Many students speak about their experiences in student circles, part-time jobs, or internships. There is only one point the interviewer will evaluate from your experiences; What did the applicant think when he/she was engaged in the activity. HRs are professionals, they can figure out your knowledge, enthusiasm, personality from the short interview. Thus, it is important to state your motive, and what you obtained from that experience.


There are not many occasions where you convey your strengths to other people in daily life. That is why some people associate job hunting to dating. In order to leave an impression to another person (company), you must figure out your strengths.

投稿者:NSA Staff