I want to work for a major company, but…



Surely there are many of you out there thinking that they want to work for a big company. Therefore, I am going to talk to you about just these large corporations.

Major, stable companies that are famous have a high competition rate

Many might be thinking: “If working in Japan then I want to enter a major company which has a stable performance”.
Of course, when working for a big company your treatment will be good, you can boast about it to your friends and your family at home will be very pleased.

Let’s take a look at the probabilities of actually entering a major company.

Ranking of companies with a high ratio

Ranking Ranking Persons with job offers (Persons) Ratio of job offers
1 11,000 4 1 in 2750
2 5,519 10 1 in 551.9
3 9,600 18 1 in 533.3
4 3675 8 1 in 459.4
5 1,791 4 1 in 447.8


Quite tough, isn’t it? Actually, the probability of getting a job offer at a major company is less than 0.1%.

I’m not telling you to not try and apply for a big company. As long as the probability is not 0% you still have the chance of receiving a job offer. Just, be aware of the high competition rate for positions at major companies when applying.

The companies you know are just a small fraction of all.

Sadly, there always happen to be students that are only applying to major companies and when they eventually start looking for other companies as well, even small- and middle-size companies have ended their recruitment.

In general, companies can be categorized into: B to C (Business-to-Consumer) and B to B (Business-to-Business).
Hereby, most students apply to B to C companies, meaning that competition is very tough.

A reason for this is that B to C companies do business with individual costumers and deep knowledge of the services as well as the products is needed. The actual turnover has a big volatility and many companies put a lot of effort into marketing and advertising. As students can more easily relate to the costumers and there is a certain intimacy, B to C companies are very popular.

There are so many companies except of the ones most students know.

Even if not a major company, there are still very attractive small- and middle-sized companies. Try to go to various company information sessions to broaden your horizon and choose that ONE company that suits you the best.