For those who use night buses

This article’s target are those who live in the outskirts and are coming to Tokyo for job hunting.
The topic: “travelling by night bus”
What are you mostly using? Shinkansen, night bus or airplane? I am definitely a night bus person (for monetary reasons, haha).

4 seater buses might be cheaper but in general 3 seater buses are more comfortable. Persons that do not like to be in contact with strangers might have a hard time travelling in a 4 seater bus. Also, I would recommend you to use a night bus which has a toilet. In addition, there are even buses which have power outlets or provide Wi-Fi.

Good to have items when travelling by night bus

  • Drinks (many buses actually offer one free bottle of tea)
  • Especially in winter the heating is often too strong and therefore it can become very hot.
    Also, if you are seated in the back row it’s a little bit inconvenient to leave the bus during stops.

  • Mask
  • It will prevent your mouth from getting dry because of the air in the bus. In addition, no one will bother if you sleep with an open mouth.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • As the journey is quite long most will use electronical devices to kill time.
    Just in case, let’s also take a normal charger with us since there might be a power outlet in the bus.

  • Hangers (for persons that take their suit with them)
  • There are many buses which have a hook over the window for your clothing.

Especially for women…

  • Sheets to remove your make-up
  • It’s mostly not a good idea to sleep with your make-up on. If you have a little more time, you might also want to wash your face at the service area. In that case, also bring soap and a towel with you.

  • Compression socks
  • I have made the experience that my feet have swollen and I was not able to wear my pumps anymore (for about 1 day). As one is sitting in the same position for a long time please use anything that will make you feel more comfortable.

  • Stockings
  • I was travelling while wearing a suit and changed my stockings to compression socks. It might just happen that in such a situation the stockings get a run. Therefore, it’s good to have one more pair to change.

Special bus-traveler merits

There are some pausing spaces and waiting rooms which can only be used if you have a valid bus ticket. Good thing to use to not use too much energy before even riding the bus.

高速バス待合室が凄い!WILLER EXPRESSバスターミナル&VIP LINER ラウンジについて

By the way, I recommend you to use the blanket in the bus as a cushion when sitting and use your coat as a blanket instead. This will make the journey a little bit more endurable.
I mean, if possible anyone wants to travel as carefree as possible, right?