First Step of Job Hunting: “Internship”


Many students begin to think about job hunting from their third year. Although the official application period starts much later, it is never too early to start.

For those of you who thought, “Job hunting… How should I start?”, one recommendation is to do an internship. An internship is a period of work experience before students begin working as an official employee. This article will explain internships in Japan, as it will be beneficial to students wishing to work in Japan.

Internships in Japan

Recommendation: Long term internships

In Japan, short term internships are common. These short term internships are to prepare students for job hunting. These internships can be anywhere from a day to a week long. In general, “one day internships” are held to learn about the company or the industry. One week internships are mainly group work, and some programs do not require students to engage in activities to profit the company.

In contrast, long-term internships, which are common abroad, are over a month. It may seem difficult to find time between school and part-time jobs, but there are also many benefits.

Experiences of an internship will help you with interviews and even after working

Long term internships enable students to experience work that is similar to work done by the employees. Therefore, students will be able to obtain knowledge of the industry and the company. In addition, since long-term internship gives the opportunity to see the company’s atmosphere, there are less chances of misunderstandings between the company and the students. Of course, completing the tasks will help students acquire skills and knowledge, which can be a strength during job hunting.


One of the best parts of an internship is being able to network. Students who do internships from an earlier stage are well informed.

By interacting with other students and employees working at the company, not only will you obtain useful information, but will have the opportunity to learn new things and be able to see the world from a different perspective. Your network will help you level up.


Internships are beneficial as a first step of job hunting. Short term internships become more popular in the summer, whereas students can apply to long term internships all year long. You will be able to find information regarding internships on the corporate website, so if there is a company you are interested in, go ahead and take a look.

There are even cases where interns end up working in the company as a full time employee. Why don’t you try it this summer?

投稿者:NSA Staff