Do I Have to Enter the Company Once I Accept the Offer?


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After you get an offer at a company, you turn in a written consent the acceptance letter.

The Acceptance Letter

First of all, what is an acceptance letter?

What is the function of an acceptance letter?

①Proof of official offer from the company
②One cannot withdraw the offer without a valid reason

The letter of acceptance is to ensure the two points listed above. Of these two, this article will focus on the second one; one cannot withdraw the offer without a valid reason.

When job hunting, you do not necessarily get accepted to only one company. Even if you have a certain company you would like to work in, you may not be able to get the offer, thus it is necessary to look into multiple companies.

There are companies that require you to turn in the acceptance letter while you are waiting for a better offer. Some of you may be worried if it is possible to cancel the consent.

Can I decline a job offer after I accepted it?

To get straight to the point, it IS possible to decline the offer after turning in the form of acceptance. There is no legal binding force. The letter of acceptance is merely a promise between the student and the company to enter the company, so there will be no legal penalties in case the students do decide to break the promise.

How can I decline the offer?

Here are the points to consider when declining the offer after submitting in the acceptance letter.

① Contact the company as early as possible
② Call the company
③ Be honest and precise
④ Do not yield to threats

Since the recruiting a new employee is costly for companies, they would like every person to enter the company. When someone declines the offer after they confirmed to work there, it is a huge loss. In addition, declining the offer is completely your convenience, so you should be straightforward and honest about the reason regardless of the how the company reacts.

How should I call?

The most important point is to be precise about why you chose to decline the offer and to apologize with sincerity. This is why it is better to call the company, since it is easier to convey your feeling and how bad you feel about the situation.

Did you understand how to take back the letter of acceptance? Some of you may be reluctant to declining the offer you already accepted. However, if you convey your feeling with sincerity, the company will understand your situation. Once you make up your mind about which company you would like to work in, contact other companies as soon as possible!

投稿者:NSA Staff