Did you know? There is a bus that is not only for tourists but everyone, and it is for free!


Hello! Now, while writing this article I am remembering the time when I was job hunting. Yes, it’s me again, Jumpei.

Job hunting really is hard, isn’t?
All the entry sheets, Cv’s, industry analyzations, job interview preparations…
So much to do every day that you just feel like your head is going to explode.

During such a stressful time it’s essential to sometimes just relax.
Sadly, job hunting uses quite a bit of your money and you might barely have any left to go out and have some fun…

For students feeling that way I have some really useful information!

Great if going for a walk! The free loop bus that anyone can use!

Did you know?

Marunochi shuttle bus

MarunochiYurakucho Ootemachi
A bus making a loop in the vicinity of Tokyo station during the commuter hours (8:00~10:00 on weekdays). With 2 buses every 10 to 12 minutes it serves the Ootemachi route (the green line). Not only useful if going for a walk but also for getting to different companies around Tokyo station.

Marunochi shuttle bus

Tokyo Bay shuttle bus

If going to Odaiba, of course, “Yurikamome-line” or “Rinkai-line”! That’s what most people think and forget about the very practical and free loop bus.
The bus route covers mostly all of the important places on Odaiba and is therefore very practical for a one-day trip.

Tokyo Bay shuttle bus

Metro link Nihonbashi

NihonbashiKyobashi Yaesu
This is the perfect bus to take a stroll around Tokyo station. Getting on the bus and hopping off where you feel like taking a walk. Hopping on and hopping off just where you please. Going on a small tour on this bus with your friend would be great, wouldn’t it?

Metro link Nihonbashi

So many places to go for free! Awesome!
Even if looking at the price charts of the bus company there’s written「In cooperation with the local companies this bus is free of charge
Splendid, don’t you think so?

For more information click on the company HP URL below (unfortunately in Japanese-only).

Free loop buses have a deeper meaning than most of us would think

 Transporting people is not the only aim the transportation industry has. By increasing the usage of public transportation it has a positive effect on the environment and local activities etc.
There are many things to notice if not only looking at it from one point of view, right?