【Why you should go to joint information sessions】~Are you using all the potential?~


Hello, it’s me! NSA’s intern Taji!
When starting with job hunting one of the first places you might go to is a joint information session.
There are many famous job hunting pages like Mynavi and Rikunavi which organize joint information sessions. Except for these there are actually many more, less famous, job hunting pages which organize such events as well. Foreign companies that start their hiring process early, begin even as early as June and take often part in several joint information sessions.

So, this time I am going to talk about things you should know about joint information sessions.

An industry you weren’t interested in might suddenly become your favored one.

One big benefit of joint information sessions is that you get in touch which industries you weren’t interested in before. It’s not surprising that an industry you weren’t interested in suddenly becomes your favored one and on the other hand, the one you found favor with drops out of your list.

Companies you are definitely going to apply for are not the ones you should visit at a joint information session.
After joint information sessions almost all companies hold individual information sessions at their companies. That’s where you should go to deepen your knowledge about the company itself.

At a joint information session a company’s explanations will last for about 30 – 40 minutes per company. Hence, it’s impossible to attend every company’s information sessions and therefore, it’s a good idea to go and listen to companies of industries you actually never thought of working for. Exactly there might be a real diamond hidden. Will be a different approach, but definitely worth it

Thoroughly dithering

Getting information from too many different industries you might also suddenly start to think that all of them are equally good… Something like that might happen, but in reality the company you choose will be a company you most likely work longer for and it’s good to be torn between companies and industries in the first stages. Even the opposite might happen! Seeing many different industries and companies, but in the end you are still going for the one that was your favored one from the start. As a result you will be able to really justify why exactly this industry and why this company when asked during a job interview.

Last but not least

During the stage of visiting joint information sessions it is my recommendation to broaden your horizon concerning companies and industries. Also, it’s a good idea to inform yourself about the industries and different companies beforehand. On a big event space with a little number of chairs one gets tired very fast. But still, I wish all of you all the best and good luck!